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Most of our locally sourced seeds can be planted in pots or sown directly into a garden bed. If planting in pots, use a premium quality potting mix. If planting in the garden, it's best to add some organic matter (compost) to the soil. Some seeds will need to be germinated in a seed tray or small pot before being transplanted to a more permanent home. See below for seed-specific instructions. 

Dahlia Pompon Mix (Dahlia variabilis)

When to plant: Spring, once all the frosty mornings are done  Where: Somewhere sunny  Planting depth: 0.5ish cm  Spacing: 40cm apart  How big will it get? 90cm–120cm
Dahlia Pompon Mix is made up of pom-pom shaped flowers in shades of red, white and yellow.  
Dahlias will die back when they are all done, but will pop back up the following spring. Dahlias develop tubers in the ground that can be dug up and divided to be replanted or left in the ground. 

Marigold Crackerjack Mix (Tagetes erecta)

When to plant: Warmer months  Where: Somewhere sunny  Planting Depth: 0.5cm- 1cm  Spacing: 30cm apart  How big will it get: Up to 75cm high
Marigolds are friendly plants. Plant some in your patch as a companion to your veggies.