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 Most of our locally sourced seeds can be planted in pots or sown directly into a garden bed. If planting in pots, use a premium quality potting mix. If planting in the garden, it's best to add some organic matter (compost) to the soil. Some seeds will need to be germinated in a seed tray or small pot before being transplanted to a more permanent home. See below for seed-specific instructions. 

Rainbow Carrot (Daucus carota)

When to plant: Anytime of the year, except in heavy frost  Where: Somewhere sunny  Planting depth: 0.2–0.5cm  Spacing: 2cm–5cm apart  How big will it get: 25cm–30cm
Carrot seeds are teeny tiny, so the best way plant them is to create trenches in the soil to sprinkle the seeds in. Cover with soil and water in gently. 
Once the seeds have germinated your carrots will be fighting for space. It's best to thin them out by removing some of the seedlings.

Chilli Jalapeno (Capsicum annum)

When to plant: Spring–summer  Where: The sunnier the better!  Planting depth: 0.5ish cm  Spacing: 30cm–40cm  How big will it get: 25cm–30cm
Chillies are sun lovers so hold off planting them until the weather warms up. In areas that get frosts, germinate them inside on a sunny window sill and transplant once the frosts are done for the year.

Lettuce Green Salad Bowl (Latuca sativa)

When to plant: Anytime of the year  Where: Somewhere that gets a bit of shade through the day  Planting depth: 0.5–1cm  Spacing: 10cm–15cm apart  How big will it get: 20cm–25cm
Lettuce can pretty much be grown at any time of the year. If you're growing in summer, make sure its somewhere in the shade. Stagger the time you plant your seeds so you have lettuce all year round! Pick the outer leaves as you need, and the lettuce will continue growing.

Tomato Tomme Toe (Solanum lycopersicum)

When to plant: Spring–summer  Where: More sun means more tomatoes  Planting depth: 0.5–1cm  Spacing: 25cm–30cm apart  How big will it get: 25cm–30cm
Tomato Tomme Toe is a cherry tomato variety that grows equally well in pots or the patch, and will produce plenty of tomatoes for your summer salads. Be sure to stake the plants and do it early to avoid damage to the root systems later on. Also, remember to cut the top of the plant when it gets to desired height, as tomatoes can grow super tall.